Mortgage Fulfillment


Urban Fulfillment Services® (UFS) provides end-to-end mortgage outsourcing – processing, underwriting, closing, and quality control – to help you reduce loan cycle time, saving you time and money.

Financial institutions can benefit by partnering with UFS:

  • Handle volume fluctuations and market volatility by leveraging UFS outsourcing solutions.
  • Pay per file rather than spending millions to ramp up staff internally.
  • Assist with compliance, regulatory guidelines and requirements.
  • Receive value-added services such as quality control and consulting.

The mortgage market is faced with sharp volume swings, increased regulatory scrutiny, and constant change. Partnering with UFS as a strategic sourcing alternative will help you manage staff levels, reduce capital expenditures, and improve service levels. Team up with UFS to increase your overall fulfillment
efficiencies. Our mortgage experts will assess your loan processing functions and provide solutions to any challenges you may be facing with influxes in volumes, quality control, aged pipelines, and more. UFS is your strategic solutions provider in bringing overall cost savings in the mortgage fulfillment process.

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